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The Grace Files

Mum’s are busy, we all know this. We spend our whole day frantically running around after our little ones and then choose to scroll through social media, mind numbingly, in our down time. Not sure about you but if it wasn’t for Facebook memories I wouldn’t remember a single thing. Lucky I’m active on there, so many others aren’t. Many times I laugh at something and wonder if there is any way I would remember that story had I not posted about it. Sad isn’t it?

From the age of 7 until I was about 26, I used to keep a journal. I have often read back on them and laughed or cried at the silly things I wrote. I swore I would do this forever but, life and technology got in the way and these days I even struggle to find a pen in time to make a note while I’m on the phone.

I was approached by the lovely owner of The Grace Files, to work together and review her current range of journals and after hearing her story, I was definitely in on spreading the word. There are three journals in the range currently, with more exciting ventures on the way, all so very special in their own way. They are beautiful hard covers and come presented in an equally as beautiful grey box, making them a very special luxe gift for someone who has it all. The colour palette on the range is shades of grey and navy which makes them unisex and so contemporary. Beautifully bound and with gorgeous thick pages, ahhh, can you tell I’m a book lover?

The first is Love Letters To My Child, a lined journal with three parts. Moments To Remember, Special Things I Love About You and Words Of Wisdom From My Heart To Yours. Do you remember your mothers’ handwriting? I do, especially her signature I had to forge a million times. Handwriting is so personal and I would love for my kids to have something special I took the time to write for them by hand. So many moments to remember, from my son and first child’s birth, to the huge log Ambrosia left for me to find next to her doll house the other day. The lovely way Ari appreciates me lately and vocalises it, to the cute way Ambrosia holds my face and gives me “the hardest kisses EVER”. I want to tell them the special things I love about them as they grow and change. Things like, the way Ari always wants mummy to “kiss is better” and it magically makes the pain go away, and tell Ambrosia about how kind she is, always asking for a reward for her brother too when she earns one, my heart melts. Who doesn’t have words of wisdom to share? Things I wished I had known growing up, that it’s cool to be you and you don’t need to fit in, that boys will like you one day, just be patient or that being smart isn’t something to be embarrassed about.

My brother and I often find ourselves repeating the same stories we were told from when we were younger. Some of the few we heard and remember. It would be so great if my parents had written a few down along the way as we don’t even have social media posts, videos on their smartphones, or even many photos that aren’t posed. I’d love to hear more stories, like when my brother choked me to the point I passed out because I wouldn’t tell him where my mother had hidden the Tim Tams. The time I was meant to be holding the swing for him so that he can execute the perfect handstand on the frame and I got bored. I let it go and he ended up chasing me around the back yard and that ended with a few stitches in the back of the head. Stories of how my brother used to drown ants or the time he tried to hammer a bouncy ball and ended up with the back of the hammer in his head. The time I wanted to be just like my dad and chop wood with the axe (which thankfully was blunt because I chopped straight onto my chubby little finger that was holding the wood). I still have that scar. These are the memories of my childhood I want to pass on to my family. I want my children to be able to read about all the mischief they got up to too. Their accomplishments, their candid moments, the times they cried and the times they made me cry.

How special would this journal be to gift to my children when they move out, on their wedding day or even when they begin a family of their own? I’ll be telling you more about the other two journals soon. Have to keep you hanging for a while but they are equally amazing. I thought this was special enough to read about on its own.

10% of profits from all journals sold are currently going towards Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Sarcoma Unit. I am so grateful this totally amazing brand reached out to work with me as I just love hearing about all these amazing small businesses that are out there but not getting enough exposure. Please follow the link and check out their range. Treat yourself or someone you know, a friend, an expecting mother or someone you love dearly. Then head back to social media and like, comment, tag a friend or share the sh*t through my post so this amazing small brand gets some great exposure and you can win one for yourself or a friend.

Thanks for reading. Love you all. – Zoe xoxo