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Zoe - The Subtle Mummy
Zoe - The Subtle Mummy
Zoe - The Subtle Mummy

The Subtle Mummy is anything but, she tells it like it is with #nofilter.

She has a Masters of Teaching and a Degree in Fine Arts so can be very eloquent in the way she describes things, just chooses not to at times.

Zoe is a mother of two under two and loves talking about all the taboo subjects that come with motherhood and being a wife. You may never see her taking life too seriously because she’s a firm believer that life is as fun as you make it.

Enjoy her journey through life being a fun mum and a prankster wife who loves to stir her husband every chance she gets.

The latest and greatest posts from the team at The Subtle Mummy #NoFilter

My weight loss journey

My weight loss journey.
Unfortunately I was never blessed with the skinny gene (if that’s even a real thing), heck up
until last year all my jeans were skinny jeans regardless of the style. I know my fellow thick thigh women can relate to trying on a pair of jeans with rips
and the bulges of thigh trying to escape results in you looking like a tied up
leg of Virginia ham!
Ever since I posted my old head shots, you know the ones that looked like I had run them through some warping filter but I actually hadn’t… Yup, no wide lenses was used… Just (not so) little old me… I have been asked so many times what my ‘secret’ to losing all the weight is and what the trick was.
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Ok, I have a confession to make though… there is one flaw….. my husband is having the best sleep of his life and the snoring is through the roof the nights that he isn’t wearing his snore strip and I USED TO be able to just shake the bed with a heavy jiggle of the mattress as I pretend to roll around, slightly snapping him out of his deep sleep and snoring…. BUT NOW…..the mattress doesn’t move on his side!!! I could be having a fit in my sleep and he wouldn’t have realised!! I have to resort back to “accidentally” kicking him.

Femme Luxe Fashion

Femme LuxeFemme Luxe finery, the latest trends at affordable prices, straight from the UK. Everything from lounge wear to formal wear and accessories. Being a mum means I have sacrificed my wardrobe for the last few years. Can anyone relate? Especially that period...