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My gorgeous little girl is born 3 days before Christmas and being such a crazy time of the year I find myself not wanting to throw any elaborate parties. This year I decided to give Fairy Cool Parties in Balwyn a go and let them handle everything for me. I have to say I was super nervous/guilty in the week leading up to the party as I had been so busy focusing on end of year reporting and Christmas parties and not done a single thing to contribute to her party. I even messaged the venue a couple of times asking if they were sure I didn’t have to do anything as this was unfathomable for me.

When we arrived there was plenty of parking and a gorgeous sign in the doorway for people to know they have arrived at Ambrosia’s party. As we walked in and the entertainers pulled back the curtains for us I wasn’t prepared for just how elaborate the room was going to be styled. I was expecting one fancy area made up for photo ops and then just a simple room for the kids to play in. Boy was I wrong. Everywhere you looked there was beautiful backdrops and fun stuff to explore. I’ll take you through it all, bare with me.

First to your right was a couch for the adults and a present table, then as your eyes followed the wall to your right was a small stage where all the dancing happens and a station for the kids to choose glow sticks, glasses and other props to wear throughout the party and a Jukebox, so cool!

To our left as soon as we walked in was the most amazing setup for photos by Prodigy Events. A hugeeeee rainbow balloon garland and tasseled rainbow wall, with a light up number 4 and the whole thing just took my breath away. Then a super cute trolley cart with the most gorgeous looking pink disco cake (high enough and out of the way of little curious fingers). To be completely honest I would have been happy with just this. It was super luxe.

Past this was the face painting station where two lovely ladies painted some of the most elaborate requests on all the guests faces as they arrived avoiding any line situations. Of course Ambrosia chose a unicorn and Ari went with a dragon, so cliche my two.

Across from the face painting was another little area for people to sit in but it was set up so beautifully too with neon light writing on the wall and cute little round cushions. Last but not least at the back of this phenomenally cool room was the dining table styled with candelabras, flowers, disco balls, multiple other brightly coloured decorations and place settings where the children sat at half time for a feed and to cut the cake. In addition to all that there’s even a beautiful mural painted on the wall which makes for an amazing backdrop as you cut the cake. No dull walls to be seen in this venue!

Once all the guests had arrived the games began, the hosts were so friendly and patient with everyone and managed to keep the crowd entertained which is no easy feat when the children were aged between 1 and 11. Everyone participated and even the oldest ones spent the whole time being involved in the dancing and games. Pass, the parcel, musical statues and the limbo were a few from memory. I took this time to walk around and mingle with the parents. This never happens when it’s your childs’ party, am i right?!? I usually spend the whole time looking for someone, making sure people have drinks and just generally being frantic about something so this was a wonderful surprise.

There was an option to cater a platter of food for the adults too which i opted for at an additional cost and $20 also got you access to a Nespresso machine and pods which I also opted for as the parents also all got to relax. I find that parties at play center’s means parents are all supervising their children and you might get to say a quick hello in passing to your guests as you run around following your children, so this was so good to be able to catch up with everyone.

There were quite a few food options and the package included two foods for the children, I went for a classic nuggets and chips although I must admit I was tempted with the spanakopita option. #greekkidproblems There were lots of people around helping the kids, making sure they all had food on their plates and cups full of water or cordial, again making it super easy for the parents to all sit and enjoy their coffee. Dessert was fruit skewers, frog in a pond and of course cake.

The cake was from Miss Penny Cakes and she nailed the disco unicorn brief. Robert actually chose the flavour of vanilla with raspberry swirl which ended up being as much of a hit with the adults as it was with the kids. we also ate it for the next couple of days as there was still half left after the party.

Fairy Cool Parties is located at 119 Bulleen Road, Balwyn North, VIC 3104, Melbourne and there are so many themes to choose from. (I’ve been told Frozen and Superhero are the most popular.) I can’t recommend them enough. It was super clean and the kitchen was hidden away, everyone had a huge smile on their faces and the best part… other than not having to organise anything… was no pack up!! 2 hours later we loaded our kids and gifts into the car and gave everyone a hug good bye! Thank you so much to Natalie and her crew for having us. I will pop the links again at the end for easy reference. Oh and what was also nice was the positive messages I received from people when they saw we were having her party there. So many people messaged to say they have attended a party there and we would absolutely love it.

Before you go, for anyone wanting to book a party before 30th of June (just the booking needs to be made before this date, not the party) will receive a free traditional hot platter, valued at $60 on the day.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please leave them for me on socials so that if I can’t answer someone else will. Love you all Zoe xoxo