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I started my journey with Hypoxi over 6 weeks ago now, and when I wrote my first blog about it I was still sceptical that something so easy would really get any results. Now I’m half way and can give you a more educated opinion as I have seen what results, if any, you can achieve.

I still remember being in one of my sessions and hearing another lady getting her results, she had lost 16cms in 2 weeks and I was like, “wow that’s amazing”. I however am super competitive in nature so 16cm had to be beaten. Now 16cms does sound like a lot so let me explain it a little clearer. Measurements are taken from 7 parts of the body and the centimetres lost are a total of those areas. I managed to wipe off 19cms in just under 2 weeks. (my knees are winning. who woulda thunk it?)

My last lots of measurements were on the 27/3 and those ones total 33cms lost, but they were taken on the first day of my monthlies so I think the belly results are skewed due to bloating, as I can see and feel in my clothes that my tummy is much flatter than a month ago. I have taken before and during photos too but I’m still too self-conscious to show them.

Now the most frustrating part in all of this is seeing my scales frozen on the same double-digit and finding it so frustrating that all this easy work, coupled with watching what I’m eating and 2x 30min exercise physiologist sessions a week and NOT ONE DAMN KILO!!! Although it is frustrating, I know I’m losing size as my fat weeps away and muscle takes over, plus I have to repeat the mantra of “muscle weighs more than fat” again and again in my head. I have also stopped weighing myself as I find it so disheartening. I do need to up my water intake however, because as the weather is cooling down I find myself less thirsty and it’s important to keep up 2+ litres of water a day.

As I near the end of my three-month package and a European holiday in August (#absbyAugust) becomes as possibility I find myself hungry to take full advantage of the results I can achieve from this amazing opportunity to lose weight/size in such an easy way.  Knowing I’ve passed the half way mark has given me a good kick up the backside to be more vigilant and try a little harder. I also need to make these healthy changes in my diet more of a lifestyle than a temporary diet. The older I get the harder it will be to keep it off so I need to come to terms with the fact I am not in my 20’s and can’t eat whatever the hell I want anymore and stay slim.

As a side note, being slim isn’t the be all and end all, I just want to lose the baby weight. I was never “skinny” and I am not delusional nor do I ever wish to be anything more than a healthy weight. I have much more energy when I’m lighter and my top half reduces, meaning I have less back pain. I also don’t want to have to spend money on a whole new wardrobe! When I got pregnant the second time, my BMI (which I HATE) put me in the extremely obese category, I am only 165cms tall and clearly those calculations don’t take into consideration the 5kgs (exaggeration)  of boobs I have, regardless it wasn’t nice to be considered “high-risk” just because of my BMI and I don’t want to risk being even bigger (higher risk), if I chose to go back for a third pregnancy.

I’m really excited to see what my final number will be and I am so happy with the results I have achieved so far. The HDC (my fave) is really helping shape and my firm my tooshy and I just love the attention I am getting again from my husband (even if sometimes it’s unwanted, it’s still flattering) and all the positive comments I get from everyone online who tell me they can really see a change in my face.

check me out working hard

Thanks again for following my journey, I was hoping to get back into my size 10 pair of jeans but I’m not so sure that will be happening. Fingers crossed though and I still have a month to go. Don’t forget if you’re curious they have a free trial with no obligation

Love you all. – Zoe xoxo