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Shout out to the dads who….

This is a shout out to the dads who parent. I won’t say I have a crazy social life but I get out, and good on me for doing so. When I had my first baby my life changed so drastically and I was ready for it. I was in my 30’s and I had had A LOT of fun in my life. I was OK with staying home more. I think a few months in I started having cabin fever. I have always been a social butterfly, from a very young age I wanted to be the centre of attention and outside playing, quite the extrovert. When I met my husband, I had just moved back to Australia after living and working on a Greek island for a few years and I was well and truly over the clubbing scene, he however was not, so I tried to dump him (true story) but he wouldn’t leave….

So now with two kids the words “they’re your kids Zoe, you have to raise them” have come out of my mums mouth multiple times when she hears I’m going out, but HOLD UP, there are two people that made these babies. Why is it the mother that sacrifices her life (in most cases)? My husband is so great, much to the disgust of the older Greek (my background) and Egyptian (his) generation, I mean it’s 2016 people get with the program. God forbid he unlock my shackled ankle from the kitchen sink one night so I can go out and enjoy myself. I am writing this and picturing my aunties and his reading it shaking their heads…. OOPSY!

I pushed the baby out so now I need to go to the gym and rectify this jelly belly and chaffing thigh situation caused by the donut and sticky date pudding cravings my sweet darling husband fulfilled whilst I was pregnant. Not that he had a choice, after witnessing the first birth he would never dare deny me anything again. So when he gets home from work, 3 days of the week, we have dinner and then I leave to play a sport or go to the gym. He then PARENTS, that’s right…. not babysits, PARENTS! Sometimes I even go out for fun with friends on my own too. Ok now to address the daddy-o’s getting their pitchforks ready to attack, he goes out heaps too. Football season I hardly see the guy and when he is watching a game from home you DO NOT DISTURB. I’m that cool I even let him go to Sydney for the night with his dorky friends to watch a game. I say dorky because I just know they get halfies whenever they meet Alastair Clarkson or one of the players. I can’t believe I just said that, I even know names now… Once, when I had just started dating him, someone asked me what team he goes for and I said “Either Hawks or Hawthorn, I can’t remember” and they laughed but I had no idea why.

So shout out to the dads who parent and let their wives have a life too, because that makes them happy and what do wives do for their husbands/partners when they are happy????? (Insert wink emoji here) I know many women expect that all of this is a given but it’s not. There are many husbands/partners out there that think it is a “woman job to look after the kids and cook and clean and wash my clothes” YES they truly exist in 2016 and not even in a museum. So I am throwing out a THANK YOU for being you to my husband and all the other husbands/partners that are doing their job right. I don’t take it for granted as you don’t either. Plus than nothing sexier than a good dad.


Have a great weekend all. Thanks for reading. Love you all. – Zoe xoxo

p.s. I’m out tonight too.