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Zoe - The Subtle Mummy
Zoe - The Subtle Mummy
Zoe - The Subtle Mummy

The Subtle Mummy is anything but, she tells it like it is with #nofilter.

She has a Masters of Teaching and a Degree in Fine Arts so can be very eloquent in the way she describes things, just chooses not to at times.

Zoe is a mother of two under two and loves talking about all the taboo subjects that come with motherhood and being a wife. You may never see her taking life too seriously because she’s a firm believer that life is as fun as you make it.

Enjoy her journey through life being a fun mum and a prankster wife who loves to stir her husband every chance she gets.

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Michelle the memory catcher

I'm sitting here with my gorgeous wooden USB plugged into my laptop staring at all the stunning images Michelle managed to achieve from spending the day with us crazies and I just have to tell you all about her. I'll start at the beginning.... We have had some issues...


O.LIVE If you ask me to think of something that represents Greece, I would without a doubt say the olive tree. Not only do we eat its' fruits but we use olive oil in almost everything. Traditionally an olive branch was used as a symbol of peace and according to...

Welcome Baby

Gladys Mack- Welcome Baby Gift Box You know the feeling...? Your best friend, sister, cousin, wife, etc. has just had a baby and you are so overwhelmed with emotions you want to give them a gift that really stands out. Everyone is going to take or send flowers but you...