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Ladies and gents prepare yourself for the sleep game to be changed!!

I must admit. I have always been sceptical of a mattress that comes in a box. I had heard so many rumors about them being uncomfortable, too thin or smelling of rubber. I have been complaining of lower back pain and broken sleep for…. well… I can’t even remember. Probably around the time I got married, oops. So we finally decided to bite the bullet and order a new mattress.

I had been following Sleep X for a while now on Instagram and the thing that made them stand out to me was that they are Australian designed and made. I knew I would be dealing with a company that not only had a great product but great communication. Their website was so user friendly, which is huge for me as I have to be the most indecisive person on this planet and the less options the better for me. The only thing I was torn with was whether I go for the firm or medium comfort level. I sent them a direct message on Instagram and they replied really quickly suggesting I go with the medium as some find the firm “too firm”, but that there was also an option later if I wanted firmer, to just add a topper. So, I got the medium. They also have a 120 night trial, where if for any reason you are unhappy you can return it, that to me screams confidence. That, as well as their money back guarantee.

Now get this, if you order before 2 pm on a weekday you have to option to be sleeping on that comfy new mattress of yours within 4 hrs if your delivery address is metro. Delivery was so simple, I chose my date and there was great communication so I could work out what time it would roughly be there and not be stuck at home all day. The driver even brought it all the way into my bedroom but the box would have been super easy to carry between two people anyway. I ordered a king size so I’m guessing the single would be extremely easy to manage.

Now get this, if you’re anything like me and spend way too much time watching videos on what kind of things breed in doonas and mattresses’ (no? just me?), well you will be glad to hear that not only is it made from high quality foams but they are non-allergenic AND anti-bacterial!!!

Ok, I have a confession to make though… there is one flaw….. my husband is having the best sleep of his life and the snoring is through the roof the nights that he isn’t wearing his snore strip and I USED TO be able to just shake the bed with a heavy jiggle of the mattress as I pretend to roll around, slightly snapping him out of his deep sleep and snoring…. BUT NOW…..the mattress doesn’t move on his side!!! I could be having a fit in my sleep and he wouldn’t have realised!! I have to resort back to “accidentally” kicking him.

Now sit back and enjoy one of those cute hi-speed videos of my family unboxing our new mattress, which took all of 3 minutes and has already given me a full week of amazing sleep. I struggle a whole lot less to get out of bed in the morning and as a tummy sleeper I have even noticed I don’t feel the arch in my back so much anymore while I sleep. It feels like the mattress is forming to my body much better, rather than the other way around. I highly recommend you check out their site and even take advantage of their free pillow or $100 discount if you sign up to their mailing list.

Thanks for reading. – love Zoe xoxo