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How Ten Melbourne Mummy Bloggers Are Uniting To Demonstrate The Power Of Friendships And Sisterhood In A Bid To Stamp Out Judgement, Jealousy And Rivalry Amongst Women – Written by – Susie Campbell

We’ve all seen it at the school gates, or more frequently played out across social media – mum’s and women judging each other on the way they parent, the comparison of the ability of their kids, whether they breast or bottle fed and sadly, how they look or the way they dress.  Despite world-famous mummy blogger and role model, Constance Hall and her ‘Queens’ creating a community of women fighting loneliness, sexism, post-natal depression and body issues, there remain many women across Australia, fighting the attitudes and prejudices of women, towards women, both in the workplace and socially.

Ten Melbourne bloggers realised that together, they could make a difference.  Despite each blogging to mum’s and women and in many respects, in competition with each other, they knew that by joining forces, the power of their diversity could reach even more women and send a message to Australia and women the world over, that kindness, compassion, humour and sisterhood, can transform the lives of women struggling with loneliness, depression, stress or simply in need of a hug.

With a combined following of almost a whopping quarter of a million, spanning more than fifty-two countries, these Melbourne bloggers have devoted their energies to supporting women with a range of issues:

“We knew that by joining together, we could reach and support so many more women and as other women heard what we were doing, they contacted us to offer their support and we knew that it was worthwhile.  Competition is healthy but when it becomes destructive and knocks other women, it can have serious consequences.  We are very excited to be getting together to show women that lifting each other up and working together can be the best medicine. We often meet with our followers but to now meet fellow bloggers and jointly raise awareness of the importance of connection and friendship, is such a great opportunity,” explained Zoe George, The Subtle Mummy blogger and organiser of the blogger collaboration.

Zoe George – The Subtle Mummy

On a mission to help women, not only have these bloggers come together in person in a demonstration of solidarity, they have also been approached by several female entrepreneurs to support them with their venture supplying everything from a venue, hair and makeup, food and clothing and wanted to be a part of the bloggers’ mission.

“As soon as I heard about what the bloggers were doing, I knew I could help.  But I also had a personal reason to want to help.  Having moved to Australia with a baby and 3-year-old, a husband in the military and with no family support, at times I felt lonely and isolated.  My business allowed me to meet people and I was thankful to the women I met that didn’t judge me for not being a stay at home mum, or any of my parenting choices, but there were times when I felt left out, having missed the whole mothers group thing and not being able to socialise in the evenings, finding like-minded women is important to me even if it is purely online,” explained Susie Campbell, founder of Little Black Book Marketing and media support to the bloggers.

To connect with like-minded business owners and learn how media, collaborations and customer experience can grow your business, contact Susie Campbell on 0415 448 007 or visit here.

How it went down….

When I first contacted all the ladies I thought to myself, “no way will we be able to pull this off”, and a little bit of “what have I gotten myself into?”. Surprisingly everyone was on board and excited to participate, that is how I knew I had cleverly selected.

Next I had to put a call out for brands, make-up artists, hairdressers, a photographer and venue that were willing to participate, with no budget and no promises. I was so extremely lucky to have Brenna from Ada & Ivy photography to come on board and volunteer her time to shoot this. Who then also spent hours, meticulously removing every cigarette butt from the ground of these photos and making us all look like professional models. She is a busy mum herself and this was so so generous of her. I have worked with Brenna before and she is a true professional, somehow still managing to capture the perfect shot as well as being so sweet and easy-going.

We found a venue at the very last-minute, literally the week of the shoot, thanks  to a friend who asked a friend and it was truly such a beautiful space I cant wait to go back there and grab dinner. Thank you Lana for hosting us at Souk, you were so lovely and accommodating.

Next the gorgeous accessories on the day were generously gifted by House of Nicholetta. You can use code “Sisters15” for a further discount on anything on the site. I am a huge fan of House of Nicholetta and her style, Nicholetta herself has been so generous from the first time I met her, so I urge you all to head over to her site and check out her stuff. My personal favourites all lie in the fine jewellery collection.

Hair and makeup as seen in the pictures above by the following #glamsquad :



Our amazing outfits were all gifted from:

The handbags were generously gifted from Harlequin Belle and Gia Style Society.

Lastly the amazing Rea from Party Food Direct even made us all little boxes of food on the day to keep us going as well as a box of lollies to take home. Thank you. This is what happens when women support women.

From the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank all the women involves in the success of the day. I was completely overwhelmed, not only by the support of these women, but by the people across social media who loved this message as much as we did. So many beautiful messages and comments, as well as a flood of new followers who had nothing but kind words and applause for what we had achieved.

Lastly I would love your support with a vote for me in the Ausmumpreneur Influencer Award I am in the running for. I have made top 10 and would love your vote to help get me over the line for the win. Category 4 you will fine me Zoe George – The Subtle Mummy

Thank you all for reading. – Love Zoe. xoxo