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Mum, Mum, Mum, Mamee

Do you feel me? The constant little voices are your feet saying “mum…mum….mum…mummy…mummy…mum….mum”, and then when they finally gain your attention it’s usually to say “SNACK?”. Gah! Do they ever stop eating? Ok, secretly we love it but sometimes you’re in the middle of something and just want a quick and easy go to, pre packaged snack. Let’s be realistic, you can only peel a carrot, cut up celery, make a sandwich or boil and egg, so many times in one day. Then of course we have the mama guilts if we throw them a packet of chips, so I am constantly on the hunt for quick, healthy alternatives that come in a pretty foil package, because let’s be honest, kids are all about the fancy packaging.

What else to kids love? Chips and monsters right? I personally don’t get the whole eating dry noodles thing and who even made that a fad, but as a teacher I see so many kids in the yard at snack hoovering them down. Makes it so easy that they are available at Wooworths too so they can go straight into the trolley with the rest of the weekly shop.

So why Mamee snacks? Here are a few reasons:

 They are compliant with the Healthy School Canteen Strategy (Amber Approved)
 Contain no added MSG
 Made with RSPO sustainable Palm Oil
 Mamee Noodle Snack 8pk Chicken & BBQ – Available from Woolworths chip Aisle
 Mamee Gluten Free Rice Sticks Cheese – Available from Woolworths Gluten Free Aisle

I have to say my kids have picked a favourite and that’s the cheese rice sticks. I may, or may not, have stolen a packet or two for my lunch box since I tasted them.  Ambrosia, our resident foodie smashes down the dry noodles too, she doesn’t discriminate. Having a gluten-free option is great also, for children with intolerance’s. Poor little things with upset tummies, I mean have you even lived if you don’t have chippies growing up?

Having to pack a lunch box for Ari this year has been a bit of a challenge. It’s my first year as a kinder mum this year and I must admit I feel like I’m going to be judged unless everything in his lunchbox has some sort of nutritional value. I mean I know no-one sees what’s in there but I’m yet to see a Kit Kat or a pack of Cheezels, I’ve even stopped myself from putting a donut in there once (and then it accidentally fell into my mouth…. don’t judge me).

So, I sat down with Master Ari and the food guru Ambrosia, as seen on Instagram stories #AmbrosiaEats and asked them a few questions about their thoughts on the Mamee range. Enjoy!

So, in closing I would totally recommend the range to all of you. I even have one of my work colleagues hooked on them. They are a great healthy snack alternative and they taste yummy. Great job Mamee not going stingy on the flavour, YUM! The portion is great too, my biggest peeve is when you open a packet of chips and you realise you’ve paid for AIR! Get on it you guys, get your kids some snacks you don’t have to feel guilty about and they will love.

Thanks for reading. – Zoe xoxo