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I don’t know about you guys but my last mattress cost me more than my first car! We spend money on them because they are so important, therefore it only makes sense that we protect them too right? I teamed up last year with Protect-a-Bed to try their mattress protectors, can you believe there are daredevils out there that don’t use protection? Mattress protection!

Last night Ari had his second ever accident, and I mean he’s 4 so we’ve had a good run and the first thing I did when he came into my room at 5am this morning was run straight for his bed so that I can rip the sheets off before the wee made it to the mattress. You know the feeling right, or am I alone here? Thankfully we had the Protect-A-Bed mattress protector on and the bed was dry! I was so relieved. You know they aren’t the #1 selling brand of mattress protectors WORLDWIDE without good reason.

Looked like it had gone through but nope! All dry. Phew!

So, why do you need one?

Well you want to protect your mattress from everyday accidents, spills and stains, perspiration and skin flakes (ewwwwwww) that contribute to the growth of dust mite mould and bacteria allergens, hellooooooo! If your mattress is yellowing, that is NOT normal, you need to protect it better. Protect-A-Bed’s patented ‘Miracle Layer’ is soft, comfortable and waterproof, providing peace of mind for bed wetters and preventing your sweat and dead skin to seep into that expensive mattress you have.

When I initially received them the first thing I noticed was how thin they were. I figured surely something this light weight wouldn’t stop spills and accidents. Then after washing them for the first time I wondered why so much water was dripping from them as they dried on the clothes horse. I soon realised it was because of the backing, the waterproof side meant the water from the machine was beading off and not absorbing into the material. Note to self: hang out doors next time or shake excess water off.There are heaps of different types available but I chose the terry towel ones and I just love them, as well as the fact that they have enough excess on the sides to get around our super thick mattresses and I’m not stuck playing tug of war from one side to the other trying to stretch it over the sides.


  • All of the products in their range are approved by National Asthma Council Australia and single sizes are Red Nose (SIDS and Kids) which is mega important to us mums.
  • The Tencel range is also approved by the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested.
  • They provide your family with protection against dust mite allergens that are present in our mattresses and pillows that 30% of the population are allergic to and are common causes of asthma and other allergies.

Here’s some extra motivation to get one…

Why am I telling you now? well if you head to and buy one they’ll give you a bonus!

  1. Spend $100 plus and receive a pack of T2 Sleep Tight Loose Leaf Herbal Tea valued at $17.00
  2. Spend $250 plus and receive an Ecoya candle valued at $42.00
  3. Spend $500 plus and receive a Protect-A-Bed Perfect Pillow valued at $69.99

PLUS, whether you buy one or not, you have the opportunity to win a $1000 Flight Centre Gift Card!!! Shut up, Yes way!! Competition will be running from Tuesday the 10th of April until the 22nd of May. Enter here:

Is this not the cutest pic you have ever seen?

Now before I finish I wanted to  really show you, enough talking about it! Yep, this is me spilling coffee (sacrilege I know!) on my daughter’s bed. Enjoy! It was actually so fun.

Thanks for reading, good night sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. xo