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The Grace Files

Last week I wrote about a beautiful journal available from The Grace Files and told a few childhood stories, even gave one away. This week I’m getting a little deep and emotional about two more journals available that I just know you will love.

The second journal I’d like to talk about from the range is Life + NotesThrow out that ugly green folder the hospital gave you, well don’t really throw it out, but steal all the information from it and re-write it into a gorgeous, much more presentable version you can pass on. This journal is a place to keep all of your child’s health information. Since having my first, I have moved house three times and changed doctors twice, with this journal I can keep it all in the same place and not have to rely on the transfer of medical records from one practice to another. Keep track of immunisations, major illnesses, surgeries, medication, dental, optical, orthodontic, etc. It’s every organised mothers dream journal and the perfect gift to give when you visit a new mother in hospital as opposed to the usual flowers.

So many parts of this that I loved. There is a page for family history which I find so important as my grandparents have all passed away and my parents aren’t always around to ask. I didn’t know there was a family history of diabetes when I was told I have gestational diabetes in my second pregnancy. Another really amazing chapter is the condensed milestones page, which I am dreading backtracking to fill out now, because I never wrote them down. Naughty mummy is going to have to scroll through Instagram videos to find when they stood, crawled, walked etc. Would have been much easier to have started this from birth.

Flipping through this journal I began thinking of a beautiful lady I follow on Instagram. Her name is Skye and she’s a foster mum. I see the love she has for these babies that come into her life with little to no information or medical history. Children who have had horrible starts to life and she takes in and loves with all her heart knowing they will move on one day to another family. I have seen her struggle to say good-bye and I have seen the lengths she goes to document milestones. I’m sending her one of these journals, I wish I could send her one for every child she takes in, to be able to keep all their milestones and medical history in the same place and be able to pass on with the child to their new family. If you know a foster mum, get on it! I know she’ll read this and be in tears (I’m a blubbering mess right now). I’ve never met her, she lives in Adelaide but I can’t believe how big one humans heart can be.

The third journal is Care + Notes. Now excuse me while I grab a tissue because it’s about to get deep. I cried writing about the previous two journals, I can only imagine what’s about to happen. So many of us are affected by that damn C word…. Cancer. For me personally, as I’m sure is the case for every one, it has been so hard to hear when another loved one is diagnosed with cancer and you are left stumped asking how can I help? What can I do? You want to show them you care and are there to support, you send flowers and you visit, all beautiful gestures and I’m sure very much appreciated but The Grace Files have developed the perfect gift to give to someone going through this horrible disease and others like it. Care + Notes, is for those journeying through a serious illness and has been designed to help accompany your loved one through this daunting experience. A way to keep organised and make notes during appointments of important details to remember, as well as being a work book that isn’t overwhelming to complete. It’s simple to use with clear tabs outlining where to note things like, My Team, My Treatment, My Symptoms, My Medications, etc. Best part is that it’s navy, no pink in sight. Such a beautiful and considerate gift to give to someone going through such a horrible ordeal.

It’s a delicate topic to talk about. My closest experience with this horrible disease was my childhood best friend passing when we were 13, from leukaemia. I didn’t even know what it was back then, not only because I was young but also because it wasn’t common. Or was it and I just didn’t know? All I know is that it shook my entire world. I’ll tell you about him another time though. He’s special enough to get his own story.

I’ll be giving you all a chance to win one of these journals too later in the week so keep an eye out. If you’d like to purchase one now please head to and have a look. You will love them all. Thanks for reading. Love you all – Zoe xoxo