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Motherhood is enough of a marathon without needing dinner to be one too. I absolutely love to cook but we all have those days where you are just drained of all your energy and the kids or hubby are extremely HANGRY, so there’s no time to order home delivery….. GAHHHHH.

I recently did a post showing you guys how I had prepared the below meal in under 20 minutes. The meat itself only took 17 minutes (15 minutes in a pot of boiling water and then 2 minutes to stand). In that time I boiled some carrots and made up a batch of polenta to go with it and voila!

I loveeeeeee everything deep-fried so I’ve known of Marathon foods for a while now, my favourite of all time snack being spring rolls or dim sims from the fish n chip shop after school, but I never knew they had proper, healthy meals too. Marathon have recently launched their Chefs Direct range of shelf stable meals for busy kitchens. Marathon Chef direct creations are made fresh and sealed with clever technology that ensures they have a shelf life of 12 months! Meat on the shelf for 12 months? I guess baby food companies have been doing it for years, shouldn’t be a surprise. That’s right, with no need for refrigeration or freezing, these meals are free from artificial colours and preservatives and have absolutely NO added MSG.

I have quite a busy social life and I often feel bad ditching hubby with the kids to go out and enjoy a beautiful restaurant meal while he gets stuck boiling an egg or some noodles (the kids always have batches of home cooked food in the freezer so i don’t feel bad for them). Last week I thought it was a good opportunity to use him as a guinea pig for the new meals I had gotten from Marathon Foods and can I just say, the minute I was done, I ripped open that packet, the steam from the lamb shank and red wine jus hit my nose, and I realised it was me who lucked out that night for dinner not him. It smelled so amazing I took a little bite before I gave it to him, not that he noticed as the meat just fell off the bone. I am not even over exaggerating, it was delicious and he proceeded to demolish his meal without even coming up for air or conversation for the next 10 minutes.

There is an alternative option to heat up in a microwave for 6 minutes instead but I have never liked the taste of reheated meat in the microwave so I didn’t want to risk ruining such a beautiful meal. These meals would be fantastic for camping too. Trust me when I say you have to try it to believe it yourself. The portion size was huge too, as you can see the whole size of the plate and that wasn’t a small saucepan either. Beef meatballs on spaghetti and a Con Carne I might just whip up tonight. Will keep you posted how they taste too but it’s a huge thumbs up from us here at Casa George.

There you have it, lamb shank in red wine jus that falls off the bone in under 20 mins. You’re welcome.

For more information head to the Marathon foods website.

Thanks for reading – Zoe xoxo