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If you ask me to think of something that represents Greece, I would without a doubt say the olive tree. Not only do we eat its’ fruits but we use olive oil in almost everything. Traditionally an olive branch was used as a symbol of peace and according to Hippocrates, olive oil was used for healing skin conditions, stomach problems and ear infections amongst other things, Homer even refers to it as ‘liquid gold’.

I love all things ‘nature’ at the moment, and as I get older I find myself wanting to enjoy simple luxuries, things that were never important to me in my youth, are now. I want to wash my hands with a soap that smells beautiful and leaves my hands soft, I want to moisturise my body with a cream that smells and feels amazing and there is nothing I want more, than to wash my hair and be taken to a far away place when I close my eyes in the shower. It’s amazing how powerful our senses are, especially the sense of smell, a certain perfume can remind you of a person you knew many moons ago and a certain shampoo can remind you of what your baby smelled like as a newborn. Lavender however, lavender and mothballs go hand in hand in my sensory bank, thus, I avoid it like the plague. (Maybe I need the Lavender Calming Candle to calm down a little on the lavender hate.)

The first product I tried from O.LIVE range was the shampoo, I remember rubbing it into my hair and as it foamed up, the smell hit me, I closed my eyes and felt as though I was back on the Greek Island of Crete washing the salt out of my hair after a full day at the beach. It was the longest shower I have had all year and I may have used it as an excuse to hide from the family just a little bit longer. My husband showered later that night and came out with the biggest grin on his face feeling like a cheeky little boy for using my new products, then told me he wanted to have another shower just so he could use that soap again. The soap was pretty amazing, not just the smell but the tiny little bits of almond kernel powder and pink clay, that gives your skin a gorgeous exfoliating scrub and leaves it feeling completely refreshed.

I’m not a huge fan of eating pomegranate as I find the pip bitter, but if I see the word pomegranate in any beauty product, my choice is easy and it’s in my cart before I know it. O.LIVE actually has an entire range dedicated to pomegranate, seriously, I’m in love. It’s called the ‘Pink’ series and I scored a Travel Size Set which includes 4x100ml bottles for your hair and body care. The 100ml bottle means that you are able to travel with them in your carry on luggage too and they are the perfect size for a holiday. Who needs a full bottle of shampoo for a few weeks away anyway? These items are all available in full size 250ml bottles also.

The entire O.LIVE range is infused with Greek Bio Olive Oil from Crete and having lived in Crete, I can tell you what a big deal it is for the locals. Winter on the island is spent pruning the trees by either beating or shaking them off onto canvas before pressing them for oil. ‘Stremmata’ (acres) are passed on through generations and ‘ravdisma’ (pruning) is something families still enjoy doing together. Olive Oil is a rich source of Vit A, K and E, helping fight against ageing and free radicals our skin is exposed to daily.

The Hand Wash followed by the Hand Milk is also a great combination. The subtle smell of mandarin, lime and basil reinforced by the Hand Milk after using the Wash, means your hands smell amazing long after washing them. I never really “got” hand cream, I always wondered who could be bothered putting hand cream on their hands after washing them? Why was it a necessary bathroom accessory throughout swanky hotels and restroom across the world? I do have to admit though, now I get it. That tiny little squirt of cream leaves my hands, which are often near my face, smelling amazing well after having left the bathroom. There is no smell sexier to me than the smell of clean, I know, I have issues.

I must say I am impressed with myself for actually using them in my en suite (as seen in pic above) and not “saving them” for the powder room, so that my guests get all the luxe experience and I miss out. They are at such an attainable price point that you deserve to treat yourself to luxurious items daily. Well I do anyway! No more saving things for special occasions or buying them as gifts for other people and not myself. Surely I’m not the only one who does that.

If you’d like to check out the range click here. The O.LIVE range is free from parabens, propylene glycol and paraffin. It will have you covered across face, body, hair, spa, home, and amenities. If you see anything you like use the code “TSM” for 20% off and free shipping on all orders over $100.

Thanks for reading, love you all -Zoe xoxo