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I was recently sorting through the thousands of files on my laptop looking for a particular photo to print and ended up mesmerised in the album labelled “pics I love Brenna”. No, sorry to disappoint, no secret lesbian relationship with the gorgeous Brenna, but rather, an album of photos from our photo shoot about 5 months ago. There are so many beautiful photos that I didn’t end up using on my site but I thought I just had to share, because… well I look hot!

Brenna, from Ada & Ivy Photography, was suggested to me by a friend, who is a photographer herself and couldn’t help me out. If you can’t trust a photographer that another photographer trusts, then who can you trust? Brenna was so lovely and professional from the very beginning as well as being flexible and accommodating to my requests and thousands of questions. I really wanted my website to look professional and glamorous without the look of a glamour photography shoot where they smooth out and retouch your skin to the point you end up looking like Stephanie, from Bold and the Beautiful, who some how is still wrinkle free at age 105.

She came out to my home and after dealing with all the paperwork, we had another quick chat, I showed her my outfits (not sure if she doubles as a stylist but I’m the most indecisive person in the world), she had a quick look around the location (my house) and even helped me zip up my dresses (again, not so sure this is in her job description but I can tell you she has soft hands *insert creepy eyebrow raise).

I was super awkward and super self-conscious of my post baby body, with multiple chins and arm wing to make Oprah Winfrey proud. We took a few snaps and she showed me on the camera.. WOW!! It really is amazing what a difference a professional, who props you in the corner with natural light that hits a certain angle, can tell you how to achieve skinny arm and which contortionist pose you need to take to achieve the illusion of one chin, can achieve.  Well, versus a husband with a camera phone, who either takes a photo from too low and you look like Jabba the Hutt, or too high and you look like Danny Devito.

These were the first few.

….and then a moment caught where I was admiring the gorgeous dresses from Designer Dress Hire Australia where the lovely Natasha, popped my designer dress rental cherry and now I look at people who buy expensive dresses like they’re nuts.

After our special moment together where Brenna helped me zip up my dress while I held it all in and we both broke a sweat trying to get that zipper up, I loosened up and relaxed. We tried to take some “professional blogger” looking pictures…..

…but I couldn’t resist being an idiot and having fun in the laundry. I mean who doesn’t wear Giuseppe Zanotti peep toes to do the laundry? The leg up photo was how I was waiting for her as I called her to come over and have a look at the pose I had come up with. I think she almost snorted from laughing…. or maybe it was shock.

Outfit change!!

“Now get me jumping off the bed”….. almost breaks bed and ankle.

Lastly we decided to wind it up with a few really natural “mum life” shots in my bath tub wearing completely appropriate bath attire and drinking completely appropriate 2pm beverage.

If you are on the market for a photographer, who clearly knows what they’re doing, whether it be for some professional head shots, a cake smash or a wedding, I recommend my girl Brenna from Ada & Ivy Photography. Her website is full of amazing images from herself and her partner in crime Karen and I am actually considering renewing my wedding vows, just so that I can get her to take some natural and candid images.

Now head over to her site and have a look then like them on Facebook or Instagram so that your feed is full of pretty photos.

Thanks for reading. Love you all – Zoe xoxo