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I always struggle when I write an introduction, as it is the most important part of the article. It either grabs the reader’s attention or they scroll on. In this case, I’m finding it particularly hard, as I need to convey luxury in words, and we all know luxury is something you need to feel. It’s a little rush you get when you purchase something luxurious, you open the packaging and the look and feel of it surpasses the expectations you had.

When you have a baby you get lots of “stuff” and if you’re a parent you will know exactly how long newborn “stuff” sticks around. 3 months max? Whether it be toys that they out-smart, clothes they out-grow or equipment they no longer require, there are very few items your baby receives that you keep. Blankets however are one of those things you do keep. Hand knitted heirlooms are great but a dying craft, with much of our generation preferring to buy rather than make these days, which is a shame but a reality.

Everything is so soft on a newborn baby and you want to wrap them in the smoothest and silkiest clothes and towels and give them the softest and warmest blankets. I recently received a baby blanket from Waverley Mills, that made all my previous baby blankets feel like steel wool in comparison. The first think I did was rub it against my cheek, instinctively, it was amazing. Just from seeing it through the clear perspex box it came in, I found it calming. The colours exuded serenity with the soft grey, mint and beige, which if I’m being entirely honest, I chose because they also match my contemporary living area to a tee, and I have visions of using it as a throw on the couch as well. This aesthetic pleasure, might have a little something to do with the fact that the palette was selected by internationally acclaimed award-winning Australian design duo, Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman of bernabeifreeman who also designed the blanket.

The size is perfect, folded in two, for a cot, as well as easily covering the full length of a single bed, which means it will be something to grow with your child. It is lightweight but extremely warm, and is made up of 100% Tasmanian Merino Wool and Cotton. Supporting Australian made and designed, is something that has become so important to me lately as it triggers off an association with a certain quality and standard I expect the product to have, in comparison to those made overseas. The blend of cotton and Merino wool is important and not something I have ever looked into before if I’m being honest. The Merino wool provides natural insulation and the cotton means that it’s breathable, which is really important in regulating the temperate of your baby as he/she sleeps.

If you are looking for an extra special gift, for someone in your life that is expecting, a gorgeous newborn niece or nephew, a christening gift or like me, a gorgeous new throw for the couch (I’m kidding, there’s another size for that, but I’m not kidding that it will end up mine. Insert evil laugh here.), then I strongly urge you to head over to their site and take a look. All blankets come with a lifetime warranty too, which is amazing and speaks volumes for how much they stand by their product.

Thanks for reading. Love you all – Zoe xoxo