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3 months, I did it, and now I’m back here to report to you all, my genuine opinion on Hypoxi. Let me start with saying, I pride myself on being 100% honest when I recommend something and Im not going to fluff around and say what I think you all want to hear avoiding the difficult things.

I started strong and in my last blog I updated that I had lost 33cm’s and that was at about half way, so i thought I was going to smash it! I was hoping to hit the 70’s in centimetres lost and even hoped to get into my old size 10 pair of jeans… yeah, that didn’t happen. For that, I have no one to blame but MYSELF! I did lose a good amount of size however, my final measurements were 51cm’s lost and that is fantastic.

So happy with how far I have come

In the beginning I was doing all the right things, following all the “rules” they suggested at Hypoxi Moorabin, watching my food (and not just as it entered my mouth), drinking loads of water, not eating late and getting in some light exercise on my days off. About 3 weeks before I was nearing the end of my program some things happened in my life via the blog and it affected my personal life (serious things that involved lawyers and police. I think most will remember a video I shared around that time), I was really down and I hate excuses but I honestly could feel myself plateauing. I can’t say I was surprised that the measurements for my final month were only 8cm’s lost. Now this was out of the ordinary and not something that you can account for, and I probably should have taken a break and frozen my sessions, which you can totally do. Here are some progress shots, and I realised as I was looking for them that I actually struggled to find any full length pictures of myself from before I started, so I had to use a dreaded “tagged pic”, you know the ones that kick you in the guts because you thought you looked hot that night but then someone tags you in a picture you weren’t expecting and you come crashing back down to reality as your rose tinted glasses get ripped off your face….. too far?

Overall however I couldn’t be more stoked with my results. I would have had to sweat long hard hours as well as diet like crazy to get such dramatic result, and even then then i wonder if they would be achievable in such a short timeframe. I literally lay down for half of the session and lightly pedalled (never breaking a sweat) for the other half. People always ask me what it/Hypoxi is, and in a nutshell I tell them it’s all about blood circulation and stimulating your blood flow. No sorcery, no magic potions and no surgery. It’s just a nice relaxing way to lose weight fast and a definite #mumlifehack . The next question I am most commonly asked is whether I would do it again, and my answer is YES, in a heart beat. It definitely gave me a good kickstart to lose the majority of the size I wanted and i am not fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes as well as shape. After my first baby my backside went flat! It stayed wide enough but was no longer perky and I was completely shattered. In this before and after photo you will notice that I didn’t just lose cm’s but my skin firmed up and my waist returned. I love my curves.

At the beginning and end of my 3 month package

There you have it, my honest review. Now for some fun stuff I have made some short videos of myself getting into the 3 different machines I alternated on. The HDC was a must, thats the one thats like a space suit and hugs you nice and tight while you lie down, and the other two (S120 & L250) were both pedalling and I would alternate depending on whether I wanted to play on my phone or not (not even kidding). Im thinking of going back just to hang there until I finish the rest of the season of Grace and Frankie that the girls got me addicted to at my studio, as they offer headphones and shows to watch while you work out, although I have a feeling they did it to get me to shut up for a minute as all I wanted to do while I was there was speak to an adult with conversational skills better than that of a 3 and 1 year old, like I got at home all day.

The studios are all child friendly too, so you can take them in with you and give them something to entertain themselves with, but I actually preferred to go there and get some alone time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little cherubs but mama needs a break! So jump on the website and book your free trial, you have nothing to lose from a FREE TRIAL and then you can decide for yourself.

Thanks for reading. Love you all- Zoe xoxo