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Being a parent is tough, so many contradictory opinions on things and knowing what the “right thing” to do for our children is always hard and often a guessing game. Even when I do finally make decisions, more often than not, I just end up second guessing them.

– Do I send them to childcare? “Yes, best thing for them.” or “I wouldn’t, if I had a choice, they are constantly sick.”

– Do I send them swimming as soon as possible? “Best thing for them.” “Mine got too many ear infections, so we stopped.”

– Do I vaccinate? As if I ask that question, I was just checking you are still reading.

I am a strong swimmer and it’s important to me that my children know how to swim. We spent all of our summers in the lagoon and beach up in Coffs Harbour as kids and even got caught in a rip or two, so I was a little dolphin when swimming became part of school activities. My husband however can not swim, well he can in a pool and as long as his feet touch the ground but I have always worried about that “what if” one of our kids fall in the deep end one day and he’s the only one around. I need for them (and him) to know how to swim.

I was extremely torn with all the mixed messages I was getting as a first time mum around swimming and I heard “ear infections” come up too many times that I decided against swimming lessons for Ari. He swam in the ocean and in pools on holidays, but I was careful not to put his head under when it was a hotel pool. Swimming on holidays clearly wasn’t enough though, because as summer came around, before his second birthday and my brother built a new home with a pool, we were visiting often to go swimming and he was petrified! He would not let go of me, even with a floating device and by then I had his sister too, so I actually could not go into the water with them both. We enrolled him into swimming lessons and the following term we started Ambrosia too at the age of 1. It has been the best for them and in just one year he has become such a confident swimmer.

I recently came across a product called SwimSeal, which I wish I had known about sooner. SwimSeal are drops that coat the ear canal, creating a water proof barrier. You apply the drops to both ears before they go in the water and it prevents any discomfort and infections that can be caused due to trapped water. It hurts me when I see children in pain because they can’t shake the water out like us adults know how to. SwimSeal was developed by ENT surgeons and contains Tea Tree Oil which is known as a natural antiseptic. 2-3 drops and then you lightly massage the ear so that it coats the whole canal, pretty simple, then you repeat if they’re in the water longer than 2 hours.

Initially I remembered what a nightmare it has been to clean my children’s ears and I was thinking there is no way they will sit still long enough for me to get these drops in and then, what if they (especially Ambrosia with her little ears, Ari a.k.a Dumbo has plenty for me to grip on to) wriggle and I hurt them? The actual nozzle however, is quite wide though, so it would be pretty impossible to “slip” too far into the ear accidentally. Also, because it isn’t intrusive, they didn’t even realise what I was doing. I literally just tried it on myself as I’m typing this, to be able to describe it and it just felt like a cold drop initially, then once I massaged it, I felt nothing. Smells lovely though.

There you have it. As evidence I am including pictures of my children smiling as I apply the drops and I wasn’t even pinning them down. Each bottle contains over 100 applications too, so it’s great value. Two thumbs up SwimSeal.

Thanks for reading. Love you all – Zoe xoxo