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Oh wow, as I was typing the heading it made sense to me why it’s called the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0. I am going to go out on a limb here and say because it’s the one sleep bag your child could wear all 365 days of the year, it has you covered.

When I first received this sleep bag I was immediately impressed at how thick it was. As you all know I have a Greek background which consists of over feeding, over dressing and over covering our kids….. just like my mother did to me. Hey, I used to knock it but when my kids started pulling 3+ hour naps at yiayias (grandmas) house I was taking notes on what to do so I could scam a few extra hours of alone time during the day.

In the winter my babies always had on a singlet, pyjamas, the thickest sleeping bag I owned and a small blanket over their legs (when they were no longer newborns). The frugal Greek in me, coupled with the pregnancy and post baby hormones, means we rarely leave heating on overnight.

Sleeping bags are the best, you don’t need to worry all night if they’re warm enough, like I do now that my son is three and no longer wears one. Not sure if other mums do this but I literally lay in bed worrying if he’s kicked off the blanket and lying there shivering in a corner of his bed, slowly developing abandonment issues because I didn’t check on him one more time through the night because the other 52 times weren’t enough….. ok sorry, off on a tangent, back to the sleep bag.

I’m going to tell you about the 365 Sleep Bag and I can almost guarantee, if you have room for one more sleep bag in your life you are going to want to buy this one. Ask hubby to go grab the credit card for you now so you have it by the time you’re done reading. Alright so you think I’m working it up, how special/different can this sleep bag be? Let. Me. Tell. You…. It’s like the most perfect sleep bag ever.

Firstly, the inner and outer and quilting, are 100% certified organic cotton. Did you know that a baby’s skin is up to 5 times thinner than adult skin and is extremely susceptible to absorbing toxins and chemicals? Hence why we wash their clothes with non-toxic detergents and wash their skin with the gentlest soaps. The certified organic cotton is grown free from nasties and means your baby’s soft, delicate skin is in good hands (especially in cases of eczema and sensitive skin).

Next, I’m going to break it down for you with pictures. Here is a picture of Ambrosia, she’s a tiny 15 month old and she’s wearing the size 18-36 months. I got the bigger one because the smaller size was 6-18 months and I figured this one will last her until she’s completely out of sleep bags all together, I presume around age 2.5-3years old. They do go up to a size 4-5 though, which is great, as I recently found out that anything bigger than a size 2 is almost impossible to find! If Ari wasn’t potty trained, meaning he gets up in the night to pee, I would still have him in a bag, and that way I wouldn’t be worried about how cold he was. As you can see in the pic, there are sleeves, can you believe I didn’t know this was a thing? All this time I hated how their little arms would be cold no matter how warm their bodies were.

In this next pic I simply unzipped the outer bag. So over the top of the 2.5 Tog bag there is a thinner 0.5 Tog. They attach to each other but can also be cleverly used separately, so you have a summer and a winter sleep bag or a 3.0 Tog, for those super cold nights, when you combine the two. You can also buy the pieces separately if you like and they will fit into each other.

I understand that some babies over heat pretty quickly and the armpits need to be ventilated so here is my third pic. Here I have a very unhappy Ambrosia because I took away her sleeves and all she wanted to do was go to bed in her amazing new sleep bag. Lucky her mummy is pretty quick at taking photos and it’s for the greater good, I need to share these things with you all. The sleeves can also be turned over to be worn as mitten.

So there you have it, all that in one bag, meaning you don’t need to go and buy 3 others. There was definitely heaps of leg room but the special design they have means that it fits really well and stays fitted around their tiny little bodies without twisting or becoming a hindrance for them in their sleep or standing when they wake up. They have a hip friendly design with loads of room in the bottom for little legs to kick and move freely.

More features include the travel vent, for those times they are asleep and you need to pop them in the car and take them home mid sleep. The zips open from the bottom which means you can change a nappy without having to take it off completely. We have all had one of those times when you go in to check on bubba through the night and as you open the door you are hit in the face with the stagnant smell of the poop they’ve done whilst asleep and you’ve had to change a nappy trying your hardest not to wake them. They are Australian safety standard approved, they have high quality YKK zipper (I hear they are zipper royalty) as well as having a fitted neck so no worrying about your babe pulling a turtle move and slipping into the bag.

If you head to their site they have dressing guide recommendations too, to help you out when you’re just not sure. As a Melbourne mum I am always confused by how much I should put them in and then an hour later it’s completely different weather. It’s hard to find that comfortable balance between too hot and too cold for someone elses body. Something important to remember is that if bubba feels cool (not cold), then that’s normal, but if they’re sweating or red, then you will need to remove a layer.

Nursery Temperature Combined Bags 3.0 Tog
14-18°C / 57-64°F
Autumn/Spring Bag 2.5 Tog
18-23°C / 64-73°F
Summer Bag 0.5 Tog
23-26°C + / 73-79°F +
26°C / 79°F + Singlet or Nappy Only
24°C / 75°F Short-sleeved Bodysuit
23°C / 73°F Short-sleeved Bodysuit Long-sleeved Bodysuit
22°C / 71°F Long-sleeved Bodysuit Singlet & PJs
20°C / 68°F Singlet & PJs
18°C / 64°F Singlet & PJs Short-sleeved Bodysuit & PJs
16°C / 61°F Short-sleeved Bodysuit & PJs
14°C / 57°F Long-sleeved Bodysuit & PJs

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You can check them all out here

Here is a short instructional video

All Australian pre-orders receive FREE Shipping & FREE Returns for 100 Days, and a Complimentary Children’s Book.

Thanks for reading. Love Zoe xoxo