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I was approached by a few companies a while back to do a Mothers Day Giveaway because of how crazy the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways were, but I politely declined as I had something else in mind. Being a mummy blogger I naturally get brands that are baby products wanting to collaborate but i thought, you know what? All year round we think of our kids, every single day we sacrifice for them, whether its the temperature we drink our coffee, the last piece of toast or a kidney, it’s always about them. This Mothers Day prize is going to be all about spoiling ONE extremely lucky mum or mum to be.

I have carefully selected 6 extremely generous prizes, that i could have split into 6 winners but I really want to spoil one mum in a way that most mums deserve to be spoilt for all their hard work. Now this isn’t going to be a competition looking for tear jerking stories, anyone can win, even if you had one baby and they were a great sleeper and eater and no issues whatsoever, i love that parenting has been easy for you, i was that mum with my first, extremely blessed (then Ambrosia came along and made me want to go back in time and punch that mum, me, in the face).

Let me tell you about the prizes, you can totally do them however you like and on completely different days of the year but this is just me getting carried away:

  • Head in to Blo Bar where you will walk in with your mum bun and eye bags and walk out looking better than you did on your wedding day (if you’ve had one). Blo Bar are hooking you up with a Deluxe Combo, which is hair and makeup +lashes which normally retails $189, but because they are complete legends they didn’t even stop there! They have thrown in, 6x Makeup Brushes, A hair brush, A lipstick and lipgloss bringing the total value of this part of the prize to $466!!

  • Then when you are looking a million bucks, you can meet up with Brenna from Ada +Ivy, on location of your photoshoot. Ada + Ivy photography specialise in creating natural images using beautiful light and each individuals unique personality. Brenna is the magician that managed to make me look so glamorous in my last shoot, and I mean, I myself was shocked at how good i ended up looking. They are offering one shoot at a location of your choice- home or outdoors. Shoot consultation included prior, to inspire you and get the best results. 10 high resolution images, enhanced and provided on USB for you to use as you wish. With a total value of $590.

  • Well we can’t let you go on a photoshoot without something really special and I totally want this winner to shine so how does a piece of jewellery sound? Thallo Australia are giving you the gorgeous Alkisti necklace in your choice of either gold or silver. That jewellery is made from nature, each piece was once a real branch or leaf that has been dipped in pure silver or 24k yellow gold. This stunning piece is valued at $123-$155.
  • Wait, hold up. What will you wear? Activewear won’t do for your special day. Designer Dress Hire Australia are going to style and lend you a gorgeous outfit (up to the value of $300) for the day! Gurrrl we got you! You can even choose this one and reenact my photo, seen here jumping off my bed because I can’t sit still. *the dress I’m wearing below only costs $129 inc postage & drycleaning to hire. Bargain!(RRP is $870)

Zoe - The Subtle Mummy

  • So by now you are tired and hungry, and maybe even a little lonely so you can take a special person with you for the next part. Spitiko Greek Restaurant located at 270 Park St, South Melbourne, are offering to feed you and a friend. The “Didimi” Share Menu for 2 includes: mix dips, pita bread, saganaki, spetsofai, followed by mix meat grill on charcoal and Greek salad, finished with loukoumades topped with honey and nuts. Valued at $90. These guys are open 7 days a week and if you didn’t understand a word of the foods I listed above, trust me when I say, just writing them made me dribble onto the keyboards and I am now considering calling them for some delivery.
  • Now, you are done. You look a million bucks, you have a had a huge day and you have eaten like a donkey (it is a Greek restaurant after all) and you just want to get home and have a relaxing massage. Your partner sucks at massages just as bad as mine does, so I have managed to get you something that will not fail you. You won’t have to grin and bear through a terrible massage with bad pressure, nor will you have to offer sexual favours (is this just me?) in return for a nice back rub. Homedics are giving you a Shiatsu massage pillow with heat. The heat relaxes and comforts tight muscles around the neck, back and shoulders. The 3D technology delivers circular kneading plus “in & out motion for a vibration massage that invigorates”….come on get your mind out of the gutter…..”and melts away tension”. Valued at $99 you can throw away your husband.

Ok Im done, nothing more to give, bled dry. $1700 worth of prizes, I am giving you a prize that would make Richard Gere look like a pleb in Pretty Woman and I’m not even a sugar daddy.

Now all you need to do to enter is be extremely lucky and dance naked under the next full moon for the rain gods….. or you can just like 6 pages and comment telling me which prize tickles your fancy the most and then tag a friend that you secretly hope doesn’t win because you want it so so badly for yourself. Good luck everyone, you can enter for your mum if you like, for a friend, hell enter your neighbour if you like. If you want to tag more than one person please do so in the same comment.

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(if you are one of the very few people in the world who don’t have Facebook and want to enter on instagram, look for the tags on the pic and follow all of them)

Lots of Love Zoe- a.k.a. The Most Awesome Prize Giverawayerer Blogger Ever!