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My Hypoxi journey.

Let me start by saying I had never heard of Hypoxi before last month, I hadn’t noticed any of their signage anywhere or even heard of a friend doing it, so when I was approached to try it out and be a part of their HYPOXI #MumLifeHack campaign, “Empowering mums to be their most awesome selves” and give an honest review, the first thing I did was snoop around to see what information I could find out as it sounded amazing. First thing I saw was this YouTube video of Zoe Foster Blake talking about it which immediately impressed me, I mean I know Zoe wouldn’t out her face to something she didn’t believe in (well no Zoe would).

So what is it? I could say its a fat burning-cellulite-sucking-vacuuming thingy, but I’d better use the more technical words. There are 4 things that you could do, there’s a treadmill and you wear a wetsuit type of outfit (men choose this one as its more upper body), there are 2 exercise bikes (one sitting and one lying) and a spaceman suit. Ok so spaceman suit isn’t the right term either, it’s called the HDC vacunaut (close enough) and it’s a full body suit that has valves and the air gets sucked out of it, which feels like a giant cuddle from a panda bear. Then the most interesting sensation as 422 air chambers all over your body pop like bubble wrap. I literally lie there and play on Snapchat, or even take a nap, while this machine targets my tummy, hips, thighs, bum and legs. It goes to town on cellulite, fluid retention and tones your skin while you have some quiet, alone time. 30 mins on this machine just goes too quickly, I seriously wish I could wear it to bed. I think my favourite pops are the ones on my gluteus, they feel like a light massage.

The second half of my session I used the bike (S120). You are fitted with a neoprene skirt, that has a hoop attached and locks into the chamber. Once you are locked in, you begin to cycle at a regular speed (between 60-70 RPM for me). I’m told you aren’t supposed to break a sweat because that burns sugar and not fat and that’s not what I want. Then the vacuum starts and the chamber sucks out all the air, pulling you harder onto the seat as you keep pedalling, it was a little weird at first as you can’t lift yourself of the seat but I got used to it pretty quickly. Then the vacuum releases and the skirt plumps up as the air blows our inside the chamber. It gets pretty warm in there too.


The L250 is cycling while you’re lying on your back so your legs are in the air, it does the same job as the other bike but I found it a little harder with my legs in the air for half an hour. In saying that I liked that I felt more tired, I also felt like I had worked that day.


After the first session they measured me and we took before photos which I am in no way showing you guys unless I come a long way and am proud of my accomplishments. Until then they’re mine, hidden away. According to the lovely Eri, who owns Moorabin Hypoxi, if I do everything right, I will potentially have lost 25cms from around my body in one month (I’m doing a 3 month package). BRING IT ON I say!! I was eavesdropping on another lady that was there yesterday, halfway through her month and she asked for results. She had lost 12 cms, after 2 weeks, how awesome is that? I am so determined to make this work, what more can you ask for than to tone up and lose weight (especially the mum tum) without breaking a sweat? These are the “rules” Eri gave me, which I have been living religiously by, as they’re stuck on my fridge (most frequented place in my house). I am honestly hungry as soon as I finish dinner because I know I can’t eat anything else until breakfast but she assures me that my stomach will shrink and it’ll get easier.

please note what it says about wine. i shed a tear every time i do.

Please note what it says about wine. I shed a tear every time I do.

I am so excited for this to work and thank you to those who read it and are excited to see my journey too. Along with the exercise physiologist I’ve been working, a healthy diet and a tonne of water I think I’ve got this. If you are interested in seeing what it’s all about, or just feel like a nap and some alone time with no kids hanging off your leg then go to and organise your free trial.

Thanks for reading. Love you all. -Zoe