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As you all know I recently moved into my new home and one will tell you that the most draining thing about moving to a new home, especially as a blogger, is to not be “connected”. I was chewing through my mobile plan data faster than a mum having her lunch. I had a horrible experience with a previous Internet company’s installation man who made a mess of my house when he came to install the internet. Then we decided we would give a different big internet provider a go because we refused to go back to the smaller/cheaper provider we were using at our last place with a previous experience of all the call outs and hours we spent on the phone trouble shooting with them as well as the back and forth of them blaming our (brand new) modem. In the interim of waiting for that, by this stage we are talking over a month, which in blogger years is a very, very long time, we needed a solution.

I came across Vividwireless and I thought, “why not?”. The first thing that sold it to me was the fact that I didn’t need a phone line. Seriously people, its 2017, I haven’t picked up a landline in about 5 years, but I’ve always had to have one in order to have internet. WHY???? I even have an aunty who hates me because back when I first got my landline in 2010, I think I had a phone plugged in for the first month or so and must have called her on it and she saved it and for the past 5 years has been complaining to my mother that I never answer her calls and here I am thinking she’s losing her mind because I presumed she was calling my mobile! Sidetracked… So, with Vividwireless you do not need a phone line, the modem got sent out to me, I opened the box, plugged it in and voila, I was up and running. It’s THAT easy.

Next comes the speed. One of the only things in life we want is a decent download speed right? It’s great value and pretty much allows you to do anything you would usually use the internet for. This part I had to Google because I have no idea of the technical terms but….”Vividwireless‘ LTE internet service provides up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload”. Here is a short little video of my page loading. 

Plans start from $29 a month and go up to $89 for unlimited.If you don’t want to be locked in to a plan you can buy the modem outright for $199, otherwise it’s $0. If you want more information for any reason, even though I pretty much covered all of it in a language you all understand, you can do any of the following:

Thanks for reading. Love you all, Zoe xoxo