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OK, OK, after the post I did yesterday I guess I should share my “funny-now-but-not-at-the-time” story. I seem to be a magnet for these sorts of situations or maybe it’s just the way I tell the story. You tell me.

Some very thoughtful friends of ours wanted to give us a wedding gift of experiences that would bond us and make memories with, boy will I remember my experiences at the hot springs. We had never been before and I don’t know what I envisioned but maybe something more like a spa… when we got there and saw the hundreds of people and children swarming all over the place I was a little disappointed it wasn’t going to be relaxing. We chilled in the communal pool for a while and as I got in, cringing the whole way, I tried to clear my mind and convince myself it was going to be fine…. I couldn’t put my finger on the bizarre smell, like onion or garlic, no, it was the BO of the extremely large, hairy man, lying on the water recliner thingy with jets, that was polluting the rest of the pool with water as it was passing via his pits and onto my body!!!! Out we got. Well, this wasn’t even my story, just a little prelude to set the tone.

Next we found a hot spring pool/bath (whatever they’re called), it was uncomfortably hot and again I tried so hard, yet I can feel my heart rate rising with anxiety just remembering the feeling, of being barefoot in an area I couldn’t see my feet and therefore I felt very uneasy, coupled with body and head hairs, floating around in the greasy layer of people’s sunscreen. Don’t get me wrong, this can’t be avoided and I’m sure they get cleaned daily but it was the collaboration of it all coupled with my slight OCD that makes it all “uncomfortable” so lack of a better word.

As we got ready to throw in the towel, we noticed people venturing off up a trail that looked like it was out-of-bounds. We decided to follow and then realised….. OMG there was a whole trail of different baths with different temperatures etc.!! So we tried them all one by one, feeling like Goldilocks as some were too hot and others too cold. Just before the summit/end of the track, we spotted the last bath, up on the look-out but it was extremely full and as we were contemplating whether to wait for it or not, we noticed a whole bunch of people leaving a bath right next to us….. it was completely empty….. so we quickly scurried past them as they collected their towels off the signage and kicked off our thongs. This pool/bath was the PERFECT temperature, it was an odd shape though, kinda like a jelly bean but we thought nothing of it…. it was also quite shallow and as we sat it in and the water only came to our waist I noticed all the exposed smooth rocks in the bottom of the pool. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!! We were supposed to lie down so the rocks massage your back!!! It didn’t really fit both of us lengthways to lie down in the same direction so we lay back with our heads near each other (romantic hey?) and our legs going off in different directions. The next part was a little weird… People were coming up, peeping over, and then walking on. So weird but hey, we were happy soaking our bods in the pool alone. The sun set and the last pool was beginning to empty so we decided to get out. Up we get and a new group slipped off their thongs ready to jump in the pool we were in…… they just sat on the edge…… hold on….. as I kept walking and looking at them the signage caught my eye……. IT WAS A FOOT POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I could possibly have contracted TINEA on my back!!! My heart is racing just remembering it! The pool wasn’t a jelly bean shape, it was a FOOT! Oh and the rocks on the floor of the pool were acupressure/massage for your feet. I could have cried.

There you have it. Note to you all. Read the signs. Oh and there is a foot pool.

I’m done.

Zoe xoxo