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Review for Maxi Cosi Moda

Now we all know I’m a funny mummy blogger but let me tell you safety is no joke and something I actually take very seriously. nothing is more important that those two noggin’s I pushed out being safe, especially whilst on the road with so many idiots. I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t put a price on safety. There is a reason why some car seats cost more than others and that my friends is because they have more elaborate technology to make them safer as well as more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, because lets face it, if I wanted to feel nauseous every time I looked at a seat I would take public transport. The Maxi- Cosi Moda can be used in a rearward facing position up to approx. 12 or 30 months of age.


















*Please consult with a professional to ensure car seat has been fitted correctly

I have always been a Maxi Cosi girl and so when I heard about the Moda coming out, I thought it would make a great back seat companion for our Euro. It is so pretty and they look really good together. Being the second seat means it isn’t in the middle of the back seat so if, knock on wood, we were ever in an accident, side impact protection would play a huge role in the protection of my child. Maxi Cosi’s Air Protect™feature is designed to reduce the severity of side impact crash forces by absorbing the energy and transferring it away from your child head in the event of a collision.



When it came to installing the seat I was so incredibly impressed with how easy it was. I know so many women get scared into paying big bucks for a “professional” to install their seat, but the reality is anyone can do it. Not only that, I move my car seat around all the time, so many times in fact one might presume I play musical car seats. If I were to pay someone to re install my car seat every time I take it out I would be broke! Now with their improved Isogo it’s so simple and easy to secure the seat yourself. There are also these really cool harness guides that I am obsessed with because I am “that mum” who watches like a hawk any time someone tries to put one of my kids in their seat for fear they will twist the straps, drives me insane! Now any grandparent can easily get them in without me freaking out.


Cleaning has also been thought of this time round, as I’m sure you have all experienced a vomit or pee, that resulted in you taking the covers of your seat to throw into the washer and then having to solve the riddle of the sphinx to try to somehow get it all back on. With the Maxi Cosi Moda you have removable, machine washable covers with no need to re-thread the harness. You are also able to adjust the height of the harness without having to remove the seat from the car, as your child grows.

If you want to check it out here is the website To find a stockist near you click here .

Thanks for reading. Zoe xoxo