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I don’t know about you guys but I love planning my kid’s birthday parties, christenings, christmas etc but I always write “no gifts required” on their invitations because I dread the plethora of plastic that I will have to find room for in my house and then donate. If only the older generation shared our love for all things wooden and monochrome.

I was recently gifted the wishbone flip, purchased from Sweet Elephants . It’s so pretty! I got the white but it comes in red too and I hear red goes faster “like a racing car”. It’s sleek and wooden and fits in with our scandi looking modern home. Here it is:


Apart from its extremely good looks (I’m so superficial), it has two modes. You can rock on it and you can ride on it. So it was perfect for both my kids. Ambrosia is 10 months old and loves to rock on it and when Mr. 2.5yr old gets jealous, every other second, I can flip it to ride on mode and off he speeds, the wheels rotate 360 degrees too so it’s more of a glide than a ride. Here it is in both modes, although my super mini babe couldn’t touch the floor yet in ride on mode.

image1 image2











Click to see a video of my daughter having a go with one leg though! so funny.

Having such a versatile toy also encouraged me to donate all of these….. (not the smartrike, that lives in the garage)


Ok I had so much more to say about it in the youtube clip so check it out and post any comments or questions below. Thanks. Here is the link again it’s $169.99 but they offer AfterPay so you can have it now and pay it off once Christmas credit card issues die down.

Here is the link to the You Tube video I made.