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My son is 2.5 and completely testing all his boundaries as all children his age do. Last year he didn’t really understand the concept of Santa or Christmas, and whenever he sees anybody dressed up in costume he freaks out crying so up in your face is not the way to go with him. Now I have seen heaps of these calls you can make and letters that get posted etc but when I checked out PNP (Portable North Pole) I must say I was pretty impressed at how elaborate they are. It was like a movie and Ari was hooked! I also worked him up starting with a video where he was on the naughty list, to the next one saying he is trying but needs to try harder and then to one where he was on the “nice list” and he would be getting a present this year. They were so easy to use and I could use pics from my camera roll.

His face was priceless as you will see for yourself. The premium package is well worth the $12 that it costs as you can make unlimited videos and as I said they are so elaborate. I am uploading a video call but there are phone calls too, which help during dinner time when he’s not eating his food. I just talk really loud over Santa telling him that he should change his plans and not come to ours this year because Ari has been naughty.

You can personalise them with nicknames and different gifts and scenarios. There are heaps of options with the premium package upgrade too. Also and most importantly PNP donates to children hospitals around the world.

Heres the link to see it, but i want to do one for my husband too. Hahaha

  • Simply visit the PNP website or download the mobile app on iOS and Android – Free clips available
  • Here is a Promo code for you all PNP6KDSBAUPFXG20 entitles you to 20% off click


Thanks. Zoe – The Subtle Mummy xoxo