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The Little Pop Up Shop Melbourne


Last night I was invited to the launch of The Little Pop Up Shop in Brighton. Now as a mother who is building her dream home and recently addicted to every home decorating Facebook group going around as well as the usual Instagram and Pintrest I was so excited to see my vision boards personified (well itemafied because they’re not persons) last night. I would see something and go to my gallery and say “getting this… and this… and this….” as I walked around the shop. It literally had every single thing I had intended to buy for my kids rooms in the same place. From Numero 74 canopies ,to Mr Mighetto prints and Baby Donkie, as well as some Chi Khi clothing thrown in the mix. There were toys and furniture and towels and candles, one might say a “one stop shop” but for everything that is hip at the moment. So if you are looking for a gift, redecorating your kids rooms or building your dream home like I am, save yourself the hundreds of hours i spend looking for the perfect little wall mounted swan heads and beaded swing shelves and just go and visit these lovely people in Brighton. They even have a cafe in there and free WIFI so you can take the kids and plonk them on the iPad while you shop. #winning

Here’s the link to check it out.


Love you all. – Zoe xoxo