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The Big Freeze Festival

I am so seriously excited about this I almost wet myself and it had nothing to do with my postpartum pelvic floor. My husband hates the cold, like I took him skiing once in the beginning of our relationship, you know when you pretend to be into things to impress a girl and he ended up throwing a hissy fit and carrying his skis down the slope after his $100 30 min lesson and the hundreds of dollars we spent on hiring outfits, boots, skis, mountain passes, coolant and chains! I was not impressed. Now that we have kids I feel so sad they won’t get to enjoy the snow because their dad was no good at it.

Now enter Big Freeze festival and the smart little cookie Anna who had like the BEST idea ever! It’s even smarter than the indoor ski centre in Dubai Mall. It’s a whole day of fun activities you can do with the family that involve snow and getting cold but you don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn, drive 3+ hours with your children annoying you in the car, have your ears pop up a mountain and freeze for a few hours so you feel you got your money’s worth when everyone was over it after 30 mins of getting there. Intrigued?

So the Big Freeze Festival runs the second week of the school holidays, 2 – 10th of July, which by this stage you have exhausted all the usual activities and nothing left to bribe the kids into good behaviour with, it is all completely INDOORS so you don’t need to stress about the weather on the day. There are soooooooo many activities, I better take a few nappies and changes of clothes because my toddler is going to wet himself with excitement at every station.

The activities include:


Your kids (and me the big kid) can enter through the tunnel in the inflatable igloo into the first marquee and get excited from the get go.

A Snow Pit 

A huge snow pit where your little ones can play for 25 minutes and build a snowman or make snow angels etc. It’s cold, wet and icy so make sure they are rugged up. (You can book this when you repurchase your daily pass)

Snowfall Forest

Even when you go to the snow you can’t be guaranteed you will have snow falling from the sky. There are regular sessions for you to stand among the trees and feel snow falling on your face and hands. SO COOL!!

A Giant Inflatable Snow Globe

Putting regular photo booths to shame you can stand in this huge inflatable snow cone and capture a pic of the day that will be so cute you will frame it. You can even choose to upload it and your children will appear on the social media wall.

A Polar Bear Slide

A huge polar bear slide that you can ride unlimited all day at no extra cost!!!

Stage Performances

Just to add to the 5000 times you have seen Frozen these school holidays there are daily shows that include Magical Princesses, Story telling, Charlie Silly Pants among others on the day.

A Snow Village

Castle & Cubby have created a mini wooden snow village where your kids can use their imagination at the homestead, farmers market, cafe, school, bank or jail and play for hours.

Superhero Training

Who doesn’t want to be a Superhero? This course was designed by the YMCA Gymnastic Instructors to promote ways to stay active through the winter where we tend to avoid being outdoors as much due to the weather.

Family Workshops

Activities for the whole family including  hip hop, yoga, balloon twisting, sign language and much more.

Construction Zone

Build a wall made of foam bricks only to kick it all down when you’re done. That’s the fun part anyway isn’t it?

PLUS…. You can also learn to snowboard, a snowball toss, there’s an arts and crafts zone, a 10 minute first aid training course, rock art painting where you also receive a 4 park pass for Phillip Island nature parks.

You can totally wing it and rock up on the day and enjoy whatever you see first or if you need more structure in your life you can check out the stage timetable on the website a few days before you go and plan out an itinerary. Just make sure you leave heaps of time for the Snow Village.

I will 100% be there more than once that’s for sure and I’ll be dragging along all my friends too. Please pre-purchase your tickets, like NOW, because there are days that are already about to sell out and you will actually be kicking yourself when you see all my photos of how much fun I had…. I mean my kids had….

Child Super Pass (2-12yrs) costs $28 What does that get you in the mountains? Not even toboggan hire!!

Adults and toddlers (12+ and 1-2yrs) cost $16.50

Late play. $19/$12 Entry after 2pm

Use the link below if you love me so people know you heard about it from me.

See you all there. Love you guys. – Zoe xoxo