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I  remembered a funny incident today that had me searching through old Facebook posts to find. This was me as a new mum about 2 years ago.

Shout out if you’re having one of “those” days!
*warning this status is rated MO (mothers only)*** if parenthood grosses you out please scroll on.
Ok so they tell you being a mum is hard blah blah blah.. what they don’t tell you is how you can think you have the perfect child and then BANG!! All in the same day you get a reality check how easy you have had it. I have never complained about my child and please don’t see this as a sook. One can only laugh at the night/day I’ve had.
So for a few days/nights we have been feeling the effects of a teething baby but ok you deal with it. Last night however, even after Nurofen, we had 568 dummy spits (ok I’m exaggerating) and I never managed more than 20mins straight of sleep. The tears and hysterical crying reached its’ peak this morning and I reverted to swaddling my 6 month old who hasn’t been swaddled since he was 2 months old and put him to sleep. He woke up, 20 minutes later and no surprise more tears! Even the new jungle gym bouncer contraption I had gotten him wasn’t stopping the screams.
Hold on… there was silence…. this scared me…. hmmm. Went in to his room to investigate and the smell hit me!! My recently solids started LO, who had been holding back all but a few hard marbles in his nappy lately, had unleashed his inner beast!!! So how hard could this be right? (stop reading if you have a weak stomach.)
I open his nappy (not before getting my phone to send my husband a snap, as you do) and first thing he does is stomp both feet into his nappy (oh s**t, LITERALLY) so in my efforts to hold his pooey feet away from the nappy, he remembers his happy baby yoga move and grabbed onto his pokey feet, GAH now we have poo on the hands! GREATTT!!!!  I reassess and use my feet to keep his hands away from his mouth and one hand is now holding his feet (while the other took the pic for my husband) and tried to reach for the baby wipes. Right, 50 baby wipes later, (exaggeration again) I decided he needed a bath. So I strip him down and take him upstairs and try to run a bath with one hand… as if I hadn’t endured enough, he decided this would be an opportune moment to take a wee on me! I guess that’s what I get for running water near a naked baby boy.
LORDY ME!!! So I’m ready to throw in the towel, have a mental break down, start crying, put him on ebay (jokes) but hey that’s not an option right? This is motherhood. I look at him and he gives me the cheekiest grin, as though he knows exactly what he has done and all I can do is smoosh his chubby little face with kisses.
All respect to mums with difficult babies from the get go. I think the man upstairs gave me an easy one because I’m not as strong as the others. I think single mothers out there are the strongest people in the world. Motherhood is hard enough with a husband there to help you when times get tough, I couldn’t imagine doing it alone.

Women really do run the world. Thanks for reading. Love you all. -Zoe xoxo