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Last installment and these were my top 2. I hope they don’t disappoint.

2. Sad 

One year, on April Fools again, I sent all my friends the same message saying: “I’m out the front of your work. Sorry didn’t know where else to go. I need to talk.” All whilst I was on my couch at home, then switched my phone off for an hour. One person was out the front of their work walking around in circles looking for me for 15 minutes distraught. Others immediately realised I was joking “typical Zoe behaviour”. A few didn’t see the message until after midday and you can’t fool at that time, so they were a fail, but I think over all it was a successful prank. OK, OK, maybe it was a little mean, but let me tell you I have some loyal friends. You should try it some time. Try it now actually and let me know in the comments who you did it to and whether it worked or not. 


1. The winner. #bestprankever

A few years ago I got my wisdom teeth out and if you have had them out, you know exactly how nice it feels with the happy gas they give you. I was hi-fiving the nurses on the way out, and laughing at my doctor’s name (I think it was Woodpecker or something). While my husband was driving me home and I was taking selfies of my bandaged chipmunk face and sending them to people (as you do), I had a brilliant idea. We got home and hubby always unlocks the front door for me – chivalry isn’t dead here, ladies and gents – and I took it as my opportunity. I lay on the ground in the middle of the driveway, car door left open and pretended like I had fainted or was dead, not sure exactly of my aim. He dropped the bags he was carrying and ran over to me as fast as he could to see if I was ok. At least I know he loves me. He really is a trooper my guy but there’s never a dull moment… and if there is I’m probably sitting there thinking of what I can do to make us laugh. One time I was bored so I spent the whole day talking in a Geordie accent. That was fun (for me).

Now that I have your attention though, I have been thinking about playing another elaborate prank. Like an all time, epic, never to be forgotten, fake stolen kidney in a bath tub of ice, type of prank. Please if you have any suggestions inbox them to me. Preferably to be done on my husband  as I get the best reactions out of him. My favourite thing about scaring him is “the claw”. Every time I am waiting behind a door, or jump out in front of the car as he pulls up the driveway or something, he puts up “the claw”. I guess he seems to think that if he/we were ever in a predicament where he would need to defend himself/us from something super scary, “the claw” (which is just his hand all rigid like a T-Rex claw) will be what saves us all. I mean duh! Let’s get “the claw” guys! I may even tape it!


Thanks for reading it all. I swear I’m not a horrible person. Love you all. Zoe.