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Here are the next two… Enjoy.

4. Spider in the cot.
Ok, so another one to do with my husband and the mummy forum. I used to always freak out that I would turn on the monitor and there would be something in the cot crawling around with my infant, so I decided it would be funny to put a fake spider in the cot and tell hubby to check it and freak him out. As always though, I started to feel bad and thought I should seek advice from the wise mummy forum. As if I needed encouragement, they were all extremely keen! In the lead up to Halloween I found a fake spider (it wasn’t even small and realistic looking, it was more like a big fake tarantula). I put it in the cot after putting my son to sleep, who was about nine months old at the time and getting in and out of his room while he was asleep was harder than solving the riddle of the Sphynx, and set off back downstairs trying to figure out how I would tape the whole thing. It could have gone viral. I did tape it but hubby was only in his briefs so I will actually be murdered if I ever show anyone. I did take a picture of the monitor prior though. Mind you, my husband is petrified of spiders. Getting rid of them has always been my job in the house. So when he saw it his first reaction wasn’t to run and save his child but rather to scream at me like a banshee saying “What do I do? What do I do?” and me yelling “GOOOOO!!!! OMG!! GOOOOO!!!” Ok, so I lived to tell that tale too, but got stuck resettling junior who woke up obviously with the kerfuffle.

3. My parents
My parents have born the brunt of my pranks many times. I told my poor mum I was pregnant once (even cried hysterically) after year eight camp, because that was the only time I had gone further than the letter box without her (I almost did not live to tell her I was joking). The all time best ever memorable prank I can remember playing on them was definitely April Fools of 2002. It was 5am and I couldn’t sleep (I have issues with sleep, I lay there and make up scenarios or concoct ideas) and my parents at the time owned a newsagent. Dad would go to the shop from 4am to wrap all the papers for delivery that the paper boy and he in his car had to deliver that morning. My mum would go to the shop around 6am to open up, and I would go at 6.30am (Yes. 6.30am. Even before uni and sometimes straight from the club. FML to the max) and would work the kiosk at Glen Huntly train station till 9am. So I was lying in bed and I waited to hear mum get up and start getting ready. I then called the house phone from my Ericsson mobile phone, with the buttons you had to press multiple times to send a text (pfft kids these days don’t know how easy they have it). I rang the house phone and hung up, then pretend to answer it, talking loud enough for mum to hear. “WHAT? YOURE KIDDING!! OMG DAD THAT’S SO DUMB. YES, YES OK I WILL TELL HER”. Then I ran into mum’s room. “Mum…dad was delivering newspapers and he got out of the car for a second and left it running and someone got in and stole his car!!!!!! You have to go get him!!” LOL she was off in a flash. Then I called dad and told him mum had fallen down the stairs and I had to take her to the hospital, to which he replied “OK, then you come here and open the shop.” Care factor 2. The shop was only a ten minute drive from home, so they realised what had happened upon seeing each other and gave one another ‘the look’ where they are disappointed in what a cheeky child they raised. Needless to say my parents didn’t often show me many emotions other than anger and disappointment. I think I got a hug once. Later that morning, whilst I was working at the kiosk, I sent a customer to the shop to say I had chopped my finger and my mum came running. How gullible can one person be, right? Haha.

That last one was probably the most risky prank I have done. I could have gotten into A LOT of trouble, but hey I spent half my teens grounded, YOLO.

Thanks for reading. Love you all. Last two tomorrow. Zoe xx